Business Analysis

GININI Consulting understands that the Business Analysis as a Service (BAaaS) competency is more than a systems-related function and that in order to deploy best practices in this area an organisational perspective is imperative. Our team of analysts shall evaluate the current operational status of a business, usually with the goal of identifying what is working properly and what needs to be adapted, changed, or abandoned in order to make the business model more effective.

Software Development

Whether you need to maximize the effectiveness of your existing solution or need to build a new application, our tailored solutions are aimed to meet all your complex needs. Our solutions help customers seek high performance and benefit from new business opportunities. With our robust project management and quality management processes, we help you gain a strategic advantage. Our broad range of services include: Bespoke application development; Portal development; Product development and release management; and Mobile Applications development.

Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts (mSCOA)

As a business advisory company, we partner with Municipalities to enable them to deliver on NT mSCOA (Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts) requirements. One of our strong competencies is to offer mSCOA business processes, support, conduct in-house training, and consultancy.

MICT accredited training

We offer MICT accredited full year and skills programmes in Business Analysis, Software Development & End-User computing, see more in the study tab.

Coding & Robotics for kids

As a software development company, we discovered a big gap in the market for digital skills and this has led us to come up with coding & robotics classes for children in Grade 1 to 9, through the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths - STEAM for Kids education initiative.

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Business Process Management

Business process assessment is a vital element in optimizing business operations. GININI understands that processes can have a significant impact on the performance of the organisation, and process improvement can transform a firm’s competitiveness. Our team maps the current state processes and defines the future state processes. Once the gaps between the current state and the future state are identified and addressed, your organisation is automatically taken to the new state of high performance.

Mobile Application Development

We provide mobile app development services that cover end-to-end development of mobile apps, from business analysis and UI/UX design to mobile application testing and deployment or online market publication. GININI Consulting engineered the LocTransie PRO scholar transport App which won two (2) MTN App of the Year 2019 awards for Best Women in STEM & Best Incubated solution awards.

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Governance Risk & Compliance

GININI Consulting offers Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as a Service to clients by creating and/or optimizing business processes from identification through resolution according to industry regulations, international standards, and best practices such as COSO II, ISO 31000, COBIT 5, Public Sector Risk Management Framework as well as King IV. Ask us about the deployment of the ARIS-GRC software solution.